Researching, Framing and Developing the Future of Health

Frameworks for Health

Our vision is to explore wellbeing through the Optimal Health Program (OHP). The aim is to improve a person's wellbeing and build on their strengths and values.

Our history

Frameworks For Health (FFH) at St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne (SVHM) was first established as the Collaborative Unit at the Mental Health Research Institute in 2001 and changed name and location in 2007.

Program development has been at the heart of FFH since its inception as the Collaborative Unit and continues. We have developed numerous programs for the management of mental illness from which the Optimal Health Program (OHP) has emerged as the primary program.

Our aim is to continually develop, support and evaluate the training and delivery of OHP to promote self-management, personal growth and wellbeing.

Our principles

FFH operates under a set of guiding principles that underpin OHP. These principles are:

  • building on personal strengths and values
  • collaboration and mutual enquiry
  • fostering hope and resilience

A Collaborative Therapy approach within OHP supports an exploration of an  individual's wellbeing through reflection, setting of goals, self managed strategies and health plans.

FFH is dedicated to the translation of research into everyday practice through continual program development, evaluation and training with the ultimate aim to promote and improve health and wellbeing for our community.

FFH Collaborative Network

To achieve our vision we will continually develop partnership arrangements to address training, education and research. In order to be responsive to the changing needs of the community this Network will actively seek engagement with individuals and groups who share our focus on wellbeing.

You are invited to join our Network.

Our Team

Director: Professor David Castle

Manager Mental Health: Ms Bridget Organ

Program Manager: Dr Gaye Moore

Ms Casey O'Brien

Ms Mary Veljanovska

Ms Helen Wilding

Ms Kay Saddler

St Vincent's Hospital (Melb)

St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne was established by the Sisters of Charity in 1893.  We are a major tertiary public healthcare service which provides acute medical and surgical services, emergency and critical care, aged care, diagnostics, rehabilitation, allied health, mental health, correctional health, palliative care and residential care, as well as undertaking research and educating the next generation of healthcare professionals.  St Vincent’s works closely with many health, education and medical research organisations across Victoria and Australia. St Vincent’s Clinical School is a campus of the University of Melbourne, teaching students in medicine, nursing and allied health.

St Vincent's Hospital, Melbourne is part of Australia's largest not-for-profit Catholic healthcare provider, St Vincent's Health Australia, under the direction of Mary Aikenhead Ministries. We have more than 5700 staff and 880 beds. Our four core values are Compassion, Justice, Integrity and Excellence.

Design of FFH Logo

THE Ammonite

There is something fundamental as well as intriguing about the design of the ammonite, the new symbol for FFH.

The beautiful spiral design of the ammonite is a universal map seen deep within our galaxies and the graceful leaves upon a branch. Ammonites have left an extensive fossil record across the globe symbolising healing and continual evolution. Its perfect formation within the Fibonacci spiral, also known as the golden ratio 􀀋􀀳􀁋􀁌􀀃􀂲􀀃􀇗􀀌􀀋􀀳􀁋􀁌􀀃􀂲􀀃􀇗􀀌(Phi) spans over 400 million years.

What better way to imagine and explore the possibilities of our wellbeing than through a well-designed program that builds on an individual's strength to promote self-efficacy and hope.