Optimal Health Program


Optimal Health Program

An innovative approach to wellbeinG

OHP is a self-management program which promotes hope, growth, and meaningful connections and partnerships. The aim is to empower people to enhance their wellbeing and build on their strengths and values.

OHP responds to individual needs and offers the opportunity to have a conversation, reflect, write down ideas, ask questions and develop strategies.

OHP can be shared with individuals or groups over 8 sessions followed by a booster session.

Sessions include:

  1. What is health? How behaviour can influence our health
  2. I-Can-Do model part 1 | Health Plan 1. Strengths and vulnerabilities - understanding balance
  3. I-Can-Do model part 2 | Health Plan 2. Stressors and strategies - understanding and monitoring impact
  4. Medication. Medication, physical health and metabolic monitoring
  5. Collaborative partners and strategies | Health Plan 3. Identification of key partnerships
  6. Change enhancement. Understanding past events and defining change
  7. Visioning and goal setting. Creative problem solving and planning
  8. Building Health Plans. Health Plans 1, 2 and 3 - maintaining wellbeing

Participants have an opportunity to:

  • reflect on their own wellbeing
  • identify their strengths and strategies
  • learn to recognise early warning signs of stress
  • develop partnerships with others
  • vision achieving goals and celebrating success at each step
  • develop health plans which include strategies to maintain wellbeing.



Learn how to deliver OHP 

OHP has been conducted in over 15 health organisations in community and hospital settings. Over 800 staff have been trained to deliver the program nationally.

We train health practitioners across Australia to offer the OHP for individuals, groups or both.

Training involves:

Stage 1:  2-day Foundation

Stage 2:  1-day Booster (6 months)

Stage 3: 1-day Annual Accreditation (12 months) 

Stage 4: 1-day Train-the-Trainer (12 months)

Training is available by contacting Frameworks for Health.



translating our research into practice

Frameworks for Health (FFH) is committed to creating translational research projects. OHP has developed and continues to develop through research to become a program for use in everyday practice. Our research is designed and conducted in partnership with public and private health services, non- government organisations and tertiary institutions.

FFH has been awarded research grants and funding in the development of OHP from: Baker Foundation, Beyond Blue, MBF/BUPA, National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Eli Lilly, Alfred Felton, Research Endowment Fund (SVHM), Australian Catholic University (ACU), Swinburne University of Technology (SUT) and University of Melbourne (UoM).


Program Development

Ongoing REVIEW, evaluation and innovation

As part of our ongoing aim of translating research into everyday practice, OHP is currently being offered for people suffering from a chronic illness such as diabetes, stroke survivors and their carers, and dialysis patients.

The next step for OHP is its development as a broader community based wellbeing program that can allow people from all walks of life to monitor, implement strategies and maintain their own wellbeing. 

OHP has the potential to have a significant impact on a personal and family level to build a stronger, healthier and more connected community.